I’m an American living in Helsinki, Finland and I like PureScript and Haskell.

Please message me on Twitter sometime if you’d like to get coffee or beers. Please try not to e-mail me.

Generally, I am available to answer questions about my libraries and about PureScript. Feel free to ping me on Twitter or FP slack.

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I would like for Helsinki to have a Code & Coffee meetup. Please contact me if you have any interest in providing space and co-hosting.

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I have previously attended the NoVA Code & Coffee meetup. I hope you’ll consider hosting one in Helsinki or your own city.

Small notes

Most all of my blog posts are on Qiita and are almost exclusively about PureScript and Haskell.

In 2017, I wrote 30 blog posts, of which 27 had content about PureScript and 3 had content about Haskell. I plan to write at least 12 but less than 50 posts for 2018.

4 Apr 2018

I was a guest in April 2018 for the podcast CoRecursive with Adam Bell: https://corecursive.com/010-purescript-and-avocados-with-justin-woo.

In the episode, I talk about things that are good about PureScript, some of the things I believe about writing programs, about avocadoes and kabocha, and about the importance of culture in programming language communities.

1 Sep 2017

I was a speaker at Small FP Conf: http://clojutre.org/2017/#purescript.

I talked about the RowList type-level structure using RowToList in PureScript and its various applications. The video and slides are available in the link, or via YouTube and Speakerdeck respectively.

28 Mar 2017

I was a guest in March 2017 for the podcast Functional Geekery: https://www.functionalgeekery.com/episode-88-justin-woo/.

In the episode, I awkwardly talk about my background and how I got into PureScript and evangelizing it.

In short, I went from writing Java to writing a small amount of Clojure/Clojurescript, lots of Javascript, some Elm, and then started using PureScript afterwards. I started using Haskell after I was already using PureScript, strangely enough. I also talk about some of the things I don’t like about Elm, and why I switched over to using PureScript for my compile-to-JS needs for both Node.js and browser code.

6 Oct 2016

In October 2016, I prepared a blog post for the Futurice blog here: http://futurice.com/blog/making-a-weather-telegram-bot-in-purescript

The contents are fairly out of date (even as of 7 May 2017), but hopefully still somewhat interesting to read.